Everything we do is geared toward helping our students become Falcon Strong.

Mental health support

Our school has three mental health specialists on staff. Each provides one-on-one support for students in elementary, middle and high school. Supports are provided through weekly check-ins, skills groups, crisis interventions, clinical consultations with staff, liaising with outside agencies, resource planning with families and restorative practices in supporting students to be Falcon Strong.

Occupational therapy

Our school has a full-time occupational therapist to address the sensory development, social participation and fine motor skills of our students. Occupational therapists provide strategies and collaborate with the education team to facilitate students’ full participation and reduce barriers to becoming a Falcon Strong student.


In support of our students being Falcon Strong in mind and body, our wellness program focuses on movement and how it impacts our mental and physical health. Students and staff work together, as classroom teams, by tracking daily steps on a virtual walk. Each mile that students walk reinforces the connection between mind and body and demonstrates how wellness can positively impact their well-being.

Food pantry/clothes

To further support our students in being Falcon Strong in mind and body, we partner with the mobile Family-Community Resource Center coordinator to provide a food and clothing pantry for our students and families. This includes fresh food deliveries two times per month, along with weekly nonperishables.

School psychologist

The school psychologist performs several functions to support our students’ behavior and learning. The school psychologist helps facilitate the incoming and outgoing of students to ensure a seamless transition and optimal start to the school year. The school psychologist conducts assessments and special education evaluations to identify and appropriately address the educational needs of our students. Finally, the school psychologist works with families, students, staff members and agencies to help navigate barriers and increase students’ success in becoming self-directed learners.

Literacy specialist

The literacy specialist works directly with classroom staff to provide support for struggling learners. Data is used to develop learning goals and inform instructional interventions for each student. Reviews of state, district and building assessments throughout the school year document student progress and areas in need of further intervention. The literacy specialist supports students in becoming lifelong learners.

Positive Behavior Interventions Supports (PBIS)

Our school utilizes Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports. PBIS is a positive, proactive approach to addressing student behaviors. Students earn tangible rewards as they learn and demonstrate being Falcon Strong (i.e., safe, responsible and respectful). We celebrate Falcon Strong behaviors in multiple ways. And as part of the PBIS framework, we regularly review school-wide data to support our students in becoming self-directed learners.

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weLearn 1:1

WeLearn 1:1 provides students with personalized access to devices and digital resources to support their learning.

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